Welcome to The Blue Dawn

Welcome to The Blue Dawn

Blue Dawn is a community initiative/support group working by values of community healing and a facilitator of accessible mental health services to Bahujans.

We connect Bahujan people in need of mental health counseling with counselors who understand the intersection of mental health and caste/minority issues, and with sponsors who can help make mental health counseling accessible to our community.

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A video about why we started The Blue Dawn

How Casteism Leads To Severe Mental Health Problems

One cannot and should not talk about mental health in isolation. We have to look at the psychosocial aspects, that is, caste and class dynamics of it. Please reach out to Blue Dawn, a care group for members of the community, if you want to talk, share, or even seek help. Contact: thebluedawn56@gmail.com

Posted by Dialogue on Monday, October 29, 2018

What We Do

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Matching clients with counselors

Blue Dawn facilitates anti-caste, queer-friendly, disabled-friendly mental health care services to Bahujans. If you are a Bahujan and seeking support, please fill the Google Form to get in touch with us.

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Network of Bahujan-friendly counselors

If you are a counselor or psychiatrist who understands structural oppression, especially caste oppression, and are interested in joining our network, please fill the Google Form to get in touch.

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Sponsor clients in need

If you are neither a counselor nor a patient but want to make mental health care accessible to all, you can sponsor therapy sessions for clients in need. Please fill the Google Form to get in touch with us.

Events and Workshops

DMT session

The Blue Dawn organised a dance movement therapy session in Mumbai by counseling psychologist DMT practitioner Sneha Janaki on April 13, 2019. We are exploring various forms of therapy in order to understand what suits best for the community. DMT is a holistic experience to let out inner emotions… Read More